November 6, 2015

About Captivate Connect’s On-hold Message, On-hold-music Services Australia

Innovative phone call waiting audo messages on-hold services Australia

VoiceExperienced and Service Driven Australian Phone Technology

For over 18 years Captivate Connect‘s Australian on-hold call waiting messages and music on hold services have provided professional scripting and voice talent for On Hold Messages, branded Interactive Voice Response (IVR) recordings, Auto Attendants, Music and Voice Productions. We pride ourselves on personal service and provide corporate branding, product promotion and a focus on customer loyalty needs for over 3,500 Australian and international clients. Since Captivate‘s inception in Perth, Western Australia, the organisation has expanded into New Zealand, Africa, South East Asia, South America and Europe.


Innovative Phone Technology Australia

Remaining at the forefront of phone technology in the delivery of broadcast standard phone audio, music and data content is Captivate On Hold‘s goal. Quality audio content is continuously tested and measured for effectiveness and relevance. The unique internet based delivery enables rapid updates with no user intervention. Captivate‘s software integrates seamlessly with multi-line phone systems, analogue, digital or VoIP platforms allowing Captivate to service corporate and government entities, call centres and small to medium enterprises.


Why choose Captivate’s Phone On-hold Services?

Your phone call waiting customers will be kept engaged, entertained and more receptive to marketing messages through our carefully blended mix of topical news, sports, weather and trivia that’s interspersed between your promotional messages.


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