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In 2001 Captivate On Hold set about answering the growing demand for a non-repetitive, automated on hold phone service. The dynamic, fully managed and patented on hold solution for business phones is in use today by over 3500 clients worldwide. 14 years later Captivate’s investment in research and development enables the continually updated software to deliver dynamic interactive business phone on hold messages or music on hold (MoH) to all advanced PBX/voice platforms including Cisco, Avaya and BroadWorks. The unique software solutions provided by Captivate present MoH as a loop that callers hear from a different point every time they are placed on hold. Additionally there is no practical limit to the length or number of messages, making it ideal for large call volumes.

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Advanced, deviceless & managed Music/Video On Hold for all platforms

  • Every month we need updated on hold messages and Captivate OnHold <Br />continually deliver a fast and efficient service without delay.

    G. Howell, Coventry Group
  • During the floods of 2010/2011 we were able to regularly update the Council’s on hold <br/>
                    message with new flood relevant information as it occurred thanks to <br/>
                    the valuable support of Captivate OnHold.

    J. Crawford, Southern Downs Regional Council