On Hold Messages

Keep your message fresh and current with lightning fast updates and daily news snippets.


Professionally Brand Your Business

Expertly written creative scripts produced by professional voice artists and sound engineers in Captivate's digital studio makes your on hold marketing message effective and interesting to callers.


Fast, Easy, Effective

Captivate's system works using the internet (no hardware or plug-ins required) which means your updates are lightning fast and easy. Promotions can be written, recorded and inserted into your message rotation in an hour keeping your marketing messages fresh and relevant.


Huge Selection of Royalty Free Music

Intersperse your professionally recorded on hold messages between a huge selection of royalty free tracks that can be specifically selected to reflect your business's core values.


VoIP Solution

Captivate OnHold's patented on hold messaging solution delivers an integrated dynamic service to any VoIP, IP or PBX platform. There's no need for USB's or digital players as our on hold message solution natively supports all VoIP platforms. You'll no longer have static music files and your callers will hear fresh, new content everytime they're placed on hold.


Prime Time Positioning

Broadcast your business in primetime - your crafty marketing messages will be blended seamlessly through a mix of news, sports, weather and trivia (that’s updated daily) keeping callers engaged, entertained and receptive to what you want to tell them.



Captivate's on hold technology integrates with all analogue, digital, VoIP and hosted IP Telephony systems. We provide ‘radio style’ on hold message streams for all systems including Avaya, Nortel, Cisco, Asterisk plus more.



Captivate OnHold offers security conscious clients added piece of mind with SSL using SHTTP with Verisign certification.


Multi Site Operation

Captivate's software is designed for companies with many sites to share a corporate playlist that can be combined with local branch messages to deliver a professionally branded on hold experience across all levels of your business.


Time Sensitive Updates

Easily plan your messages to play at specific dates and times using our exclusive feature. Captivate can effortlessly edit your playlist to highlight time sensitive promotions – it’s all automatic, so you don’t have to do anything.