Telstra's DOT/TIPT and Messages/Music On Hold.

Captivate On Hold offers the only auto-updating Music On Hold service in the world...

Messages/Music on Hold for DOT/TIPT.

Captrivate On Hold foresaw the challenges hosted telephony systems, such as DOT and TIPT, posed to marketing messages and music on hold some time ago and are the first and only company with the solution.

The two biggest issues with DOT TIPT:

  • The marketing messages/Music On Hold play from the beginning each time a caller is placed on hold
  • The finite file upload space which limits the audio duration for the Music On HoldCloud

It's frustrating to hear the same audio, from the same point each time you call or are placed on hold. It's frustrating. It's infuriating! It degrades the customers' experience we all work so hard to keep positive. The flash reception desk, beautiful fish tank and warm smile sitting behind the desk. Degrading a customer's experience while waiting On Hold is as bad as ignoring them as they walk through the door. It is DEFINITELY a problem!

What's more. having callers hear the same audio denies the modern marketer the opportunity to relay promotions, events and product information to the captivate audience - callers.