August 9, 2018

Cloud Communications Australia


Cloud communication company of experts Australia


Phone our Australian cloud communications company of expert consultants for a range of innovative, fast to implement, affordable cloud based phone system technology services. These include listed on our cloud communications Australia home page or summary below

  1. Cloud communications provides better and more phone technology options.
  2. Cloud communications deliver better digital quality.
  3. A cloud communication system is accessible from anywhere in Australia or the world. You don’t need to be in the office problem solving your office commander’s PBX / PABX.

On-premises business communications equipment in Australia is an endangered species. It doesn’t serve today’s cloud-connected Australia.

Cloud based communications are now. Business commanders in Australia like you are choosing cloud communications to keep your workforce connected from anywhere, on all your devices, not just the commander’s in his office, for full access to content and people.

BroadSoft was born in the cloud. After 20 years of non-stop innovation, Broadsoft America are hands down the global market cloud communications share leader for cloud business communications. Captivate are an official Broadsoft solutions partner in Australia, improving customer experience in Australia and for businesses world wide.

Only BroadSoft offers the financial strength, proven reliability, security and breadth of fully integrated solutions – including:

  1. cloud PBX,
  2. unified communications (UC),
  3. team collaboration and innovative solutions for contact centres in Australia and worldwide.


Is your business stuck with old ICT / telecommunications technology that doesn’t support the way you do business in Australia today?

Improve your business by moving over to the cloud for high-powered business communication and collaboration solutions that add mobility, teamwork and customer engagement.

Phone our Australian cloud communications company of consultants Mark or David now on 1300 854 022  or  +61 8 9368 7500 to hear demonstrations of which cloud communications messaging service is on FREE trial this month. We’re about improving your customers’ experiences. To lead by example we’re open from 9am to 7pm Eastern Australian Time. After hours you can leave a message via our contact page.

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