December 2, 2015

Digital Signage Australia

Digital signage

Software designed to make your Digital Signage easy. 


The Benefits of  cloud based digital signage


The latest in “smart digital signage” allows you to install the software directly on to the device, without the need for additional hardware. You can even control the volume and turn the device on/off remotely.

The software is cloud-based, meaning users can register new screens, create new visual content and send/publish to their digital signage devices anywhere in the world, in an instant. Digital signage

Signage Efficiency

Update as many screens, in as many locations, over any distance, in an instant. No need to email files, post DVDs or USB sticks. No relying on staff to make the change. Update content from a central location.


Connect to a variety of Digital Signage hardware devices using all recent versions of  Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac. Preset schedules to display specific information at set times during the day automatically. There are many widgets available, like RSS feeds, a weather app, time & date display and forms to mention a few.

Digital Signage Content in Australia

Captivate are offering two monthly digital signage plans:

  1. DIY: create and publish your own content
  2. Managed: Captivate create and publish the content for you. 

Australian Digital Signage Case study

Recently Captivate were approached by longtime client, the ABN Group, about a Digital Signage challenge they faced in the new Busselton Super Centre on the southwest of Western Australia. They needed a reliable way to keep up to date content on all displays remotely, from the comfort of ABN’s head office in Osborne Park Perth. There was limited bandwidth available, so streaming was out. USBs and DVDs had proven problematic due to the need for staff involvement. Captivate presented to ABN’s Marketing and IT Teams, and showed how content could be published from Osborne Park to Busselton in seconds. The ABN Group purchased three services for the brands represented in the Super Centre, Celebration Homes, Dale Alcock and The Homebuyers Centre.  

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