August 17, 2016

Phone Messages On-Hold Australia

Office Phone Message on Hold Service Australia

On Hold Messages Benefits

Project and maintain a professional image for your business whilst retaining phone callers with an entertaining, interesting, informative phone messages on hold Australia services for Australian businesses and organisations. You cannot make a second first impression. Interesting marketing messages on hold are proven to reduce phone call abandonment. Messaging on hold helps sell your products and services. promotes cross-sell and reinforce your existing advertising campaigns.

Efficient Australian On-hold Phone Messaging Services

Update as many phone locations Australia wide, over any distance, instantly. No need to email files, post DVDs or USB sticks. No relying on staff to make the change. Update messages Australia and or worldwide from a central location. Phone messaging on hold is one our most important, innovative, cloud communications services in Australia.

Interactive Phone On-hold Message Australian Content

Captivate On Hold Australia developed the MicroBox – a microprocessor that enables you to take advantage of the World’s only message on hold service that updates messages on hold daily. That’s right; news, sports, finance, soft sell infomercials, a quiz, podcasts and entertainment content selectively chosen to suit your typical Australian phone caller demographic. Phone messages are interspersed with your branded audio promotions. It’s like your very own radio station playing to what your phone callers choose and like to hear. Dynamic interactive Australian messages on-hold and music on hold service

Messaging On Hold Works With Australian Telecommunications Companies.

Captivate’s message on hold service works with major Australian telecommunications companies including Telstra and Optus. Captivate are a phone technology solutions partner of Broadsoft, the international phone software giant which Australian telcos use.

For a free business phone on-hold message demonstration, Australian communications managers should contact us

Discount prices for our message on hold service is available for Australian not-for-profit organisations in including Australian business organisations.

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