August 28, 2018

Music On Hold Australia


Innovative, interactive, affordable fully managed phone services for music on hold Australia wide. Improving business phone systems on hold services to deliver dynamic music on hold to all advanced phone voice platforms in Australia. This includes hosted PBX or PABX phone systems.Music on hold Australia

We are an Australian unified communications and interactive messages/music on hold business providing:

  • timely music on hold service,
  • affordable low cost music on hold with music on hold discount prices for Australian not-for-profit organisations including business organisations.
  • latest innovative phone technology, used by thousands of our clients in Australia and worldwide.
  • easy to use music on hold. Our music on hold hardware and cloud based music on hold software solutions work with Telstra, Optus, and other Australian telecommunications companies.
  • easy to use with minimal music on hold set-up and zero intervention by staff forgetting to change music on hold files. For example removing Christmas music months after Christmas.
  • versatile phone / VOIP technology.

We provide quick response changes to business phone music on hold. Most changes/updates to your phone music on hold are done AUTOMATICALLY.  For example, your Australian clients won’t hear an American accent saying have a merry Christmas in the snow, weeks after Christmas because your receptionist forgot to change your company seasons greetings phone message/Christmas music on hold.


  1. With other music on hold service providers, there’s a limit to the duration of the on hold music. This means phone callers would hear the same music on hold over and over. With a Captivate music on hold service, there is no practical limit to the duration of your music on hold.
  2. We’ve developed the first fully interactive music on hold service in Australia for any Australian business which understands, business culture.
  3. Importantly the creative script, English speaking voice overs can be presented with British, American, Australian, South African, Chinese, etc accents.
  4. Hear phone music on hold starting from a different point every time callers are placed on hold. No more manual uploading. Phone caller options include:
    1. Interactive quiz.
    2. Select a favourite music genre.
    3. Choose a podcast.
  5. Quick response on hold phone messages/music production:
    1. Phone script writing in which is interesting and informative.
    2. Phone message recording studio in Australia from the latest updated phone script.
    3. Our phone messaging production manager is available during business hours to respond quickly to your MoH project management inquiry.
  6. All our Australian voice over talent has been selected from the best voice over experienced talent.
  7. Interactive automated music on hold. The phone caller to your business gets to choose what they want to listen to. The latest information about your business and or music on hold.
  8. Our affordable cost of music on hold/messages on hold:
    1. Select from a range of our phone music on hold plan prices.
    2. Our music on hold business centre is in Australia where you are protected by consumer protection laws of Australia with our services.
  9. Expert unified communications consultants including Cisco’s Broadsoft BroadCloud UC-One.


Market research has demonstrated that phone callers to businesses in Australia are annoyed by the same message or music-on-hold every time they are placed on hold.

Most phone callers are realistic and fully expect to be placed on hold at some time during a  phone call, however for callers to hear the same message or music every time is boring. Interactive customer engagement is what Australian customers like.

Solving digital phone problems in Australia:

  • On hold audio that always starts from the beginning, every time a caller is placed on hold
  • The limited file upload space available that restricts the duration of on hold music playing time.
  • Reliance on staff to remember when to change the on hold music or on hold message, or even how to.

On Hold Phone Reports

Captivate is uniquely placed to generate phone stats reports showing the date, quantity, and duration of phone calls placed on hold, by the handset. Your Australian communications manager can be sure of the value of music on hold or automated interactive messages on hold to your business.

Phone Messages Report Sample

Captivate customer engagement on Telstra TIPT & DOT offers benefits including:

  • Eliminating the need to upload files or remember to take down Australian holiday / seasonal messages and limited special offers
  • Delivering audio with no practical limit to its duration
  • Phone messages or music-on-hold that can be scheduled to start and stop at any time
  • Updating multiple locations concurrently and automatically
  • Fast one-time provisioning using your Compilot login

Asterisk and 3CX

3CX and other renamed Asterisk in platforms are gaining popularity worldwide at affordable prices with feature rich, on-site PABX solutions. Captivate utilises a simple software solution to deliver your selected level of managed service to both Asterisk and 3CX implementations. The software involves the use of short scripts that “connect” to the Captivate Connect platform Captivate Content server in Australia. This allows for automated, timed and dated updates to phone music on hold or message on-hold or campaigns.

Listen to example audio tracks of on music hold. The music list is but a few sorted by genre of thousands of music tracks in our music library.

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