November 6, 2015

Telstra’s TIPT, Hosted Voice Over Internet, VOIP platform

Telstra TIPT

Messages on hold that don’t start at the beginning every time, plus daily auto-updating on hold message service… now available for TIPT.

The two important issues our clients reported after moving to TIPT were,

  1. My messages always start from the beginning, every time a caller is placed on hold, even in the same call…
  2. There’s a limited file upload space available that restricts the duration of my on hold phone audio.

Callers are annoyed by having to endure the exact same piece of audio every time they are placed on hold….

Why does it matter?

Most callers are realistic and fully expect to be placed on hold call waiting sometime in a call. Tellingly it’s not that they are on hold that annoys them, rather it’s bad, static, repetitive on hold that does.

And giving phone callers the same audio every time denies you the opportunity to promote new products or services.

Captivate’s unique ability to generate a report showing the quantity and duration of calls placed on hold means we can prove the value of messages on hold to your business.

With over 2,249,630 minutes of on hold delivered in over 2 million phone calls,  one thing we can assure is that your phone callers are hearing your messages on hold…and for an average of 60.5 seconds.

View a sample on hold phone report.

If you’re still not convinced, for a one time fee Captivate will write, voice, and deliver you professional on hold message  or  music on hold for 30 days for your business and provide a phone report at the conclusion.

Captivate’s on hold software means your phone messages are fully managed for you.

  • No more uploading files or remembering to take down the Christmas message, or the special offer of the month
  • Captivate On Hold delivers audio with no practical limit to its duration
  • Messages can be scheduled to start and stop into the future
  • Update multiple locations concurrently and automatically
  • Provisioning takes just a few minutes using profiles already in your ComPilot login

A Happy Captivate TIPT customer….

 “Our customer service policy does not allow for voice mail, so many of our callers are placed on hold multiple times in a single call. When we moved to TIPT we had no idea that  our callers onhold experience would suffer.  Once configured on our TIPT platform the Captivate solution delivers dynamic on hold for all of our sites, with the daily updated  content.  Captivate solved our issue and we now have happy callers again.  Just like we had before TIPT.”

 Andrew Musgrave

 Group Manager – Marketing & Communications,  Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment (Brisbane)

Simply click HERE and Captivate will contact you about your TIPT on hold message challenge…